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Mission Statement

The Aims of our School

We seek to create a happy, caring community where all members are included and feel safe, secure and confident.  We seek to ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential and can develop the skills necessary to play a worthwhile part.  Thornton Hough Primary School has a mission statement, which underlies the philosophy of the school.

Vision Statement

  • To value each individual and recognise the different qualities, cultures and traditions they bring to school.
  • To enjoy, value and celebrate learning across the curriculum and beyond.
  • To nurture and stimulate each individual's capacity for learning so they achieve the highest possible academic standards.
  • To promote each individual's confidence and self esteem.
  • To encourage a high standard of moral values and a sense of social awareness.
  • To develop a secure, happy and supportive learning community which reflects mutual tolerance and respect.
  • To encourage health conscious and environmentally aware individuals.
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