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Year 3 - Remote Learning

Daily Essentials:

Theses are activities to be carried out daily in addition to the set work below. 

Times Tables - Practise learning your times tables so that you can answer them out of order at a quick pace. Then see if you can improve your timing. 

To be learned in this order- x5, x2, x3, x4, mixed, ÷3, ÷4, mixed, 8, ÷8, mixed ÷facts. 

Suggested websites to practise:




Spellings-  New spellings are uploaded at the bottom of the page. Your child should know which group they are in. Practise daily using your preferred way. 

Suggested website to practise: https://spellingframe.co.uk/

Reading- Please continue to read both aloud to an adult and to yourself . Please read a range of different styles of text (fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc). 

Here is a link to free e-books. It doesn't take long to register. https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/user/sign_up 

Here is a link to free audible stories. https://stories.audible.com/discovery/enterprise-discovery-21103929011?ref=adbl_ent_anon_ds_ds_dbb_0-0

Week Beginning 1st March 2021


Hello Year 3,

I hope that you had a lovely half term break and you were able to have a rest and spend some time with your families. I was so impressed with the effort and enthusiasm that you showed last half term, well done! I know that learning from home can be tricky for you and your grown ups so please do what you can, when you can. We will continue with our Zoom calls and so I will look forward to seeing you throughout the week. 

Our new topic this half term is 'Merseyside'. This is a great topic because we get to learn about our local area, I hope that you will enjoy it.

Our English focus this week is character descriptons as we will be celebrating 'World Book Day'. In Maths you will be focusing on multiplying and dividing by 8.  Don't forget to logon to 'imoves' where I have set a variery of exercises. There will be a variety of other subjects that you will learn throughout the week too. 

Enjoy your learning, 

Miss Dodd smiley

Weekly Project

Each week, we will set you a new project which you can complete over the week as well as you daily work which will be put onto the website each day. This week the focus is 'Why do people celebrate St David's Day ?'

St David's Day

Saint David's Day, is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and it falls on 1st March. But why is it celebrated and what do people do to mark this day? Research St David's Day and tell us all about what you find out.

You can display your work any way you want. A poster, a presentation, a video or any other idea you may have. We have also set you a Purple Mash 2Do incase you want to present your findings this way. 

Year 3 Zoom Timetable - Week beginning 1st March

Whole class and small group Zoom invitations for the whole half term were sent out via email on Friday 12th February. 




Days of the week Maths English Other Subject 

L.O. To multiply by 8

Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 

An extension has been uploaded too. 

























The Twits by Roald Dahl

L.O. To think about a character

As we are celebrating World Book Day this week, we are going to focus on book characters in our English lessons. 

1.  Read chapter 1-3 of 'The Twits' using the link. What is your opinion of Mr Twit?http://www.stonehome.net.au/4red/TwitsHTML/index.htm

2. Complete the 'Mr Twit' worksheet. 



















Topic - Merseyside

L.O. To discover famous Merseyside Landmarks

For this week's Topic, we would like you to learn about a famous Merseyside landmark/building. 

1. Read through the PowerPoint that shows some of the famous landmarks that can be found in the city of Liverpool.

2. Choose one that you would like to find more information about. You could choose a building from the following or one of your own choice. 

  • The Three Graces (The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building or The Port of Liverpool Building)
  • One of Liverpool's Catherdrals (Liverpool Catherdal or Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral)
  • Anfield or Goodson Park
  • St John's Beacon (Radio CIty Tower)
  • St George's Hall
  • Albert Dock
  • Birkenhead Priory

Have a think about how you want to display your findings- it is up to you! (sketch the building with labelled facts, fact file, PowerPoint...)







L.O. To divide by 8

Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 

An extension has been uploaded too. 





L.O. To write a description of Mr Twit 

I will be teaching this lesson on Zoom today at 11:00am/  11:30am. Please join if you can as it will help you with your English lesson on Wednesday too. 

After the Zoom lesson, please complete the worksheet uploaded below.  

Creative extension- Design the most disgusting beard- just like Mr Twit's. Draw the most revolting things you can think of! Find the template below. 

Music- Ukulele

Please join us for our class ukulele lesson on Zoom at 9:15am. 







L.O. The 8 times table 

Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 

An extension has been uploaded too. 


L.O. To write your own character description 

Today you are going to choose a book character and write a description just like we did about Mr Twit yesterday. 

Please complete the worksheets below. 

PE- Please join us for our PE Zoom today at 11am. 

Don't forget we also have our class Zoom at 2:30pm. You may want to show your Mr Twit description/ own character description. We will also do a quiz/game. 


L.O. Comparing statements 

Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 

An extension has been uploaded too. 














World Book Day

Please read through the 'World Book Day Assembly' powerpoint. A wordsearch has also been uploaded. There are suggested activities in an email sent on 23rd February detailing how our school is celebrating 'World Book Day'.  

English- L.O. Creating a character

This week we have focused on book characters. Today you are going to create a character. Please follow the link where the lesson is explained on the BBC website. 

You will only need a piece of paper for this activity.




Science - Plants - Life Cycle

L.O. To understand and order the stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Today, I would like you to read through the attached Powerpoint about the life cycle of a flowering plant.

Once you have done this please complete the attached worksheet called 'life cycle of a flowring plant' and then email to Miss Kelly using Purplemash. 


Our last whole class Zoom is at 1:10pm today. Please have with you anything that you would like to share. 

L.O. Related Calculations

I will be teaching this lesson today during the small group sessions. After the Zoom, please compelete the worksheet. 

An extension has been uploaded too. 












L.O. To write your own story

Today I would like you to write your own story. You may want to use the character that you created yesterday. I know you all are very creative and have wonderful imaginations. 

Follow the link to this website that has lots of authors who can give you tips on how to write your own story. https://storytelling.worldbookday.com/create/

I have set this as a '2Do' on PurpleMash (create a story). However, you may want to record your story using something else (paper/ an app/ computer/ voice recording.)


PSHE - What does it mean to be British?

L.O. To explain what being British means to me and to others.

Today, I would like you to read through the attached Powerpoint and then complete the attached worksheet called 'Being British Activity Sheet'. I have also uploaded a document called 'British Citizen photos', which you will need. 

Once you have completed the attached worksheet please could you email it to Miss Kelly using Purplemash. 



Documents for Monday 1st March

Documents for Tuesday 2nd March

Documents for Wednesday 3rd March

Documents for Thursday 4th March

Documents for Friday 5th March



Christmas Performance

Year 3 performed so well in their part of the Christmas Play as 'The Roast Dinner'. Well done Year 3! 

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