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Year 5

  • PE Kit needs to be in school every day during the Summer term with hat or cap and sunscreen
  • Water Bottles need to be in school during the Summer term.     
  • Bikeability will take place during the final week of summer term. This will be 2 day course where children will be required to bring their bike into school. More information will provided nearer the time.
  • Year 5’s Class Assembly will be on Friday 5th May at 9.15 am.
  • Delamere fieldwork trip - Orienteering and Den-building/Teamwork – Tuesday July 11th
  • Year 5's Topics this term will be 'The Pan-American Highway' and 'Fieldwork'.

More detail about the work we will be doing this term can be found below.


This week Year 5 have taken part in Bikeability training. They have learnt how to complete bike safety checks and how to cycle safely on public roads.   

Delamere Forest Trip

In the morning we arrived at Delamere Forest and we met a forest ranger called Ben. Then we got off the bus and headed for the forest classroom. We went back outside and sat on wooden logs in a circle. We chatted about the rules and Ben made us laugh, he told us about animals and survival tips.

Then we went down to the trees ready to build our shelters. Ben showed us what we needed to do and then half of the class went to collect bracken and the other half built the shelters. Then we swapped over before we added the bracken as a roof for protection and warmth to complete our shelter. Ben said he would happily sleep out in both of the shelters we made. 

In the afternoon we took part in a Habitats Investigation.  We looked at some different animal habitats such as a squirrel drey, a badger sett and lots of rabbit warrens, and learnt about why the animals chose these places to be there home.  After that, we went exploring the forest for lots of tiny insects where we found two very rare violet beetles (1 girl and 1 boy) as well as lots and lots of other insects and creatures. Just as we were about to finish, there was a torrential downpour which soaked us wet through but this didn’t spoil a fantastic day.  

Written by Robert, Issy, Amber, Ethan and Jack

Forensic Science Investigation at Wirral Grammar School for Girls

On Friday 16th June, Year 5 visited Wirral Grammar School for Girls to take part in a Forensic Science Investigation, where they needed to solve a mysterious disappearance of a teacher. Year 5 used Chromatograpy, Microscopes and Finger Print analysis amongst other things to help solve the mystery. 

Bebington High School

The children really enjoyed learning hockey skills on the astro-turf at Bebington High School during their PE sessions:

World Book Day 2017

On World Book Day, Year 1 visited Year 5's classroom so the two classes could share their favourite books with each other and admire everyone's superb fancy dress.


Science Experiment

Year 5 were seeing if it was possible to clean up their copper coins using tomato sauce and a paper towel. We found that the acetic acid in tomato sauce removed the copper oxide and left the old, dull coins looking as good as new!

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