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Year 4

Welcome back to Year 4  for what will be a very exciting year. We can’t wait for all the wonderful lessons, trips and other activities we have planned for this year. Below you can find some of the key dates for our Autumn term as well as our Curriculum information for the Autumn Term, a recommended reading list and the Year 3 and 4 Spelling list.

  • Our Autumn term topics are 'Romans' and 'South Africa'. 
  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Our Guided Reading day is Wednesday.

Key Dates

Wednesday 15th  September - Year 4 Welcome Meetings

Tuesday 5th October - Year 3 & 4 trip to Chester Roman trip - POSTPONED

Thursday 7th October- Meeting for Year 4 Parents about Tattenhall Residential - POSTPONED

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th October – Parents Evenings- POSTPONED

Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November– Book Fair – 3.30pm – 4.15pm


Remote Learning week beg 11th October. 

Day  Maths English Other Subjects

Monday 11th October

We hope you are all keeping well? We are looking forward to seeing you all back at school soon. Any problems with this work please email or ring school.  

Mrs Roberts and Mrs Sillitoe 

Parallel and Perpendicular lines 

Today, we are looking at different types of lines. Watch the video below to discover the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines. Then complete the quiz on the same page. 


Following this, go through the powerpoint in the documents sections and then complete the worksheet which involves you identifying pairs of paralell and perpendicular lines. There is an extension activity too.

Finally, complete the lines 2Do on purplemash. 













Planning your next chapter- Conker disappears  

Today, we would like you to choose one of your 'Lost Conker  ideas' from your plan on Friday.

Then, we would like you to plan your story by recording it as a story map. We have done many of these before so you should be familiar with how to do one. Your story map should be in chronological order and will help you to write your story tomorrow as it will tell the story mostly in picture form. Please make sure you take your time and include all of the main parts of your story using pictures, words and symbols. 

An example of a story map is below. 


New spellings are in the documents sections below. Firstly, check that you know what all of your spelling words mean by using a dictionary. Then, practise your new spellings using the activity below.  


Computing - Code Studio 

Please continue with the coding activities on the website below.


The class code is NTRVLG 



We have also set you 5 more activities on the imoves website. Do these throughout the week as and when you feel like it.   





















Tuesday 12th October

Arithmetic Test

Please complete the arithmetic test (Autumn 3) below. The answer sheet is also provided for you to mark you work and go over any questions you didn't get right first time. Let us know your score via Purple Mash!


Writing the Opening Paragraph

Following your work creating a story map yesterday, today you are going to write your first paragraph. This should set the scene for your story and include lots of great description as well as beginning your story. When you have finished writing it, please re-read your work and check that it makes sense and then make any improvements you can. 


The Roman Army

Today we are learning all about the Roman Army and you are going to apply to be a Roman soldier. 

However if your application is going to be succesful you are going to have to know the criteria for being a Roman soldier. The website below should help you as well as the PowerPoint presentation below. After that, please complete the 'Roman Army Application' sheet. 

Wednesday 13th October

Roman Numerals

Today’s maths is focused upon Roman Numerals. There is a selection of resources to help your work and worksheets for you to complete in the Roman Numerals document below. 



There is also an interactive game for you to try and have a go at. It's a challenge but good fun. 



Writing the next two paragraphs of your story.

Today you are going to write the next two chapters of your Conker story. This will include the build-up and then the problem. Your third paragraph should leave the reader on a cliff hanger before you finish your story later this week.

Your story should include lots of description of the characters and places and use adjectives, adverbs and noun phrases to help you do this.

Send us your work so far via Purple Mash and so we can see your writing so far and provide you with feedback.

The Water Cycle

Today's learning is all about the water cycle. Pleas read through and watch the video on the webpage below before completing the following worksheet. A PowerPoint is also provided below to help you. 

Thursday 14th October 

Time -24 hours Clock 

Today, in maths we are looking at telling the time in the 24 hour format.

First recap on telling the time on an analogue and digital clock in 5 minute intervals by playing the following game


Next, follow the video below and complete the activity sheet as you go along. 



Next, complete

the Purple mash time 2Do's and play the time game below.  











Writing the final paragraph of your story.

Today you are going to write the final paragraph of your Conker story. This will be the solution to the problem, which is how Conker is found and how he gets reunited with Grandma and Nick. 

After you have finished your writing remember to read it through to check it makes sense. Finally, check you have included the following.

  •  expanded noun phrases
  • fronted adverbials
  •  adverbs
  • conjunctions
  • correct punctuation. 

We can't wait to read your story send it to us via email or bring it in when you return to school. 











Art - Comparing two pieces of Art. 

Today we would like you to look at two different pieces of art, both types of mosaics. We would like you to think about, how are they similair? How are they different? Which one do you prefer and why? We would like you to record your thoughts on the sheet in the documents section. 

The second piece of Art is by an artist and architect called 'Antoni Gaudi'. Go through the powerpoint in the doccuments section to find out all about him. Then, make a poster telling us what you have learnt about him and his artwork. 













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