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Year 4 - Remote Learning  

Welcome back to an unusual start to Spring term. We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we are very sad that we won't be able to welcome you back to school. We hope that this will only be short term and that we will be able to be back in school together soon. We are very proud of all of our school's values which you are showing at this time including determination, resilience, perseverance and optimism. 

We are excited to catch up with you soon.

Mrs Sillitoe and Mr Roberts

Remote Learning Timetable ,

This week's Maths work is based upon Area. In English this week we will be beginning our writing topic about chocolate making. As well as Maths and English, a third lesson will be put on each day for you to complete.  

Weekly Project

Each week, we will set you a new project which you can complete over the week as well as you daily work which will be put onto the website each day. 


As part of our new 'Cholcolate' topic, we would like you to do some research about an important country in the chocolate production process. You can learn all about Brazil and the people who live there.

Some ideas of what you could learn about include:

  • Capital city, population, currency, longest river, highest mountain, weather. A factfile about Brazil could be a great start to your learning. 
  • Culture: What sports are associated with Brazil? What do they eat and drink in Brazil? What is Brazilian music like? What is Brazilian dancing like?
  • Famous Brazilians: You could choose a famous Brazilian and create a biography all about them?
  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • Animals of Brazil

Choose something you would really like to learn about which is related to Brazil, and create your own piece of work to share with your teachers and class mates. 


Week beginning 18th January 

Day of the Week Maths English Other subjects


Please complete the Spring 1 arithmetic test. Remember when you have finished to check over your answers before you mark them. 

The answer sheet is in the documents section below for you to check your answers when you have finished. 

Some maths 2Do's have been set for you to complete on Purple Mash which focus upon key arithmetic skills. 

This week is the beginning of our English topic on Chocolate making. We will begin with learning about the features of the style of text which you will be writing. 

To identify the features of an explanation text

In this lesson, we will explore the layout and language features of explanation texts.


Also, we have set you reading 2DO on Purple Mash called 'Mary Anning and the Time Twister'. Please ensure you first read the Chapter 1 2Do before you attempt the other related tasks. 



This week is the beginning of our 'Chocolate' topic. This lesson, we would like you to answer the question 'Who invented chocolate?' 

Today, we want you to find out  When was chocoalte invented? Where in the world was it invented? Which people first created chocolate?  Which person first invented the actual chocoalte bar?

Please create a poster which answers the question 'Who invented chocolate?.' Please include as many interesting facts as you can about what you find out when answering this question.

Please use the links below to help you as well as the Powerpoint in the documents section below.





What is area? 

This week's lessons are taken from White Rose as we will look at area. The first lesson is 'What is Area?'

Please watch the video below and complete the 'What is Area?' worksheet from the documents section.


A 2Do has been set to test out your knowledge of shapes.

To explore pronouns

In this lesson, we will explore pronouns and possessive pronouns and practise using them correctly.


On Purple Mash, please read Chapter 2 of Mary Anning and the Time Twister and complete the 2Do quiz. A 2Do called 'Past and Present' has also been set for you to complete after you have done our English lesson based upon using pronouns and nouns.


Gymnastics - Please complete the Next Level gymnastics lesson which can be found below.






















Week beginning 18th January Remote Learning Documents

Christmas Play 2020

The children performed beautifully in their class scene for the Christmas play. We were very proud of them. We hope you enjoy looking through the photographs. 

Victorian Day

As an introduction to our new topic 'The Victorians', Year 4 took part in a Victorian Day where the children experienced life in a Victorian school. They learnt about how different a Victorian school was to the ones they know today and learnt all about the lessons, foods, jobs and punishments a Victorian child might have experienced. The day included gruel at break time, an inspection by the headmaster, a Victorian style lunch amongt many other activities and tasks.  

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