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Year 4 - Remote Learning  

Welcome back to an unusual start to Spring term. We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we are very sad that we won't be able to welcome you back to school. We hope that this will only be short term and that we will be able to be back in school together soon. We are very proud of all of our school's values which you are showing at this time including determination, resilience, perseverance and optimism. 

We are excited to catch up with you soon.

Mrs Sillitoe and Mr Roberts


Remote Learning Timetable 

This week's Maths work will focus on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Our English will be focused upon World Book week with different tasks for you to complete based upon your favourite book or author. Your new spellings have also been added to the documents section below. Remember to practise your spellings every day in lots of different ways. 

Weekly Project

Each week, we will set you a new project which you can complete over the week as well as you daily work which will be put onto the website each day. This week the focus is 'Why do people celebrate St David's Day ?'

St David's Day

Saint David's Day, is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and it falls on 1st March. But why is it celebrated and what do people do to mark this day? Research St David's Day and tell us all about what you find out.

You can display your work any way you want. A poster, a presentation, a video or any other idea you may have. We have also set you a Purple Mash 2Do incase you want to present your findings this way. 



Week beginning 1st March

Day of the Week Maths English Other subject


Today we have our whole class Group call this morning and two small group calls this afternoon which will be focused on Maths. 

Adding and Subtracting 1's, 10's, 100's and 1000's

Today's lesson is focused upon addition and subtraction using your knowledge of Place Value to assist you. A worksheet for you to complete can be found below in the documents section.


A 2Do has been set for your complete based upon Place Value. 

Author Factfile

For today's English we would like you to choose an author and create a factfile all about them. This factfile should include information about them, their life, their books and what inspires them to write. 

You can choose to creat your own factfile using pencil and paper or a computer or tablet, or you can use the author factfile worksheet in the documents section below.

Topic - Merseyside

Famous Merseyside Buildings

For this week's Topic, we would like you to choose a famous Liverpool building and learn all about it. You can find out about what its used for, its history, special things which have happened there or anything else you may choose. 

You could choose a building from the following or one of your own choice.

  • The Three Graces (The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building or The Port of Liverpool Building)
  • One of Liverpool's Catherdrals (Liverpool Catherdal or Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral)
  • Anfield or Goodson Park
  • St John's Beacon (Radio CIty Tower)
  • St George's Hall
  • Albert Dock
  • Birkenhead Priory



For today's Zoom call, please bring your favourite book with you to share with the group. 

Efficient Subtraction

Today’s Maths is all focused upon efficient subtraction. This means finding strategies to complete certain subtraction questions quickly and accurately.


A subtraction 2Do has been set for you to complete on Purple Mash. 

Character Description

Today, we would like you to write a character description of your favourite character from a book. You can describe their appearance, their personality, their job or any of exciting things that may have happened to them.

You can either write your own description and draw your own picture using a pencil and paper or a computer, or you can complete one of the character description sheets below.

These is a character description checklist to help you with your work in the documents section below.  

We can’t wait to see your character descriptions! A 2Do has also been set for you to complete called 'Interview a character.' 


For this week’s English Zoom calls, we will be celebrating our favourite books! For the Zoom call today (Tuesday) with Mr Roberts and tomorrow (Wednesday) with Mrs Sillitoe we want you to bring your favourite book with you to the call which you can tell us about and read some of it to the rest of the group. Maybe you can inspire one of your class mates to read the book!

We are looking forward to hearing all about your favourite books.

PE – Fitness

Today’s lesson, if you are able to make it, is our whole class PE and Fitness Zoom with Mark from A Star Sports at 11.00am.

If you are unable to make this call, then please create your own fitness circuit or complete a Joe Wicks daily workout video.



Multiplying 3 Numbers

Today in maths, we will be concentrating on multiplying 3 numbers together which is an important part of our arithmetic in Year 4. We will learn about strategies to help us to multiply 3 numbers more efficiently.


A multiplication pairs challenge has been set for you to complete on Purple Mash. See what you can get for your best time!

Book Review

For today’s English, we would like you to write a book review of a book using either the 2Do which has been set on Purple Mash or the worksheet which can be found in the documents section below.

A book review is a chance for you to share down your opinions and views on a book. These views can include things you’ve enjoyed about the books and things you haven’t enjoyed as much. You also get the chance to rate the book by giving it stars out of 5.

You can choose any book you choose. It could be your favourite book, a book you have read recently or a book you haven’t enjoyed reading.

We look forward to seeing your work.

Art- The Liverpool Skyline 

There are so many wonderful Liverpool skyline designs. Today's task is to design and make your own. Make sure you include the main Liverpool landmarks and some of your favourite Liverpool buildings . You can use pencils, paint, felt tips, pastels, collage materials or you could even do one using a paint package on your laptop or tablet. You can see some examples in the documents section below or research your own online.We can not wait to see your designs. Please send us a photograph via Seesaw or Purple Mash or bring it along on Friday's zoom call.



Dividing by 100

Today in maths, we will be concentrating on dividing by 100 which is an important part of our arithmetic in Year 4. We will learn about strategies to help us to divide by 100 more efficiently.

Watch the video below and then complete the worksheet attached. 


Then apply what you have learnt to complete the divide by 10 maths 2Do on Purple Mash. A times tables test has also been set for you too.
















Watch the video below from famous authors celebrating 'World Book Day'


Then, choose an activity from below to complete, or do them all, if you wish! smiley

  • A Book in a  Jar: Choose a scene, moment or character from a favourite story and find a way to capture in a jar. 
  • Write an alternative ending to your favourite story.
  •  Create a new character for your favourite story: Draw the character and describe how they fit into the plot. Remember to give them a name, role, back story etc.
  •  Design a new book cover: If there was one book in the world that you don’t have but would like to read, what would it be? Think of a title and then design the book’s front cover. Again, be as creative and as imaginative as you can.

Don't forget to enter our bookmark competition too. 


Don't forget to logon to another 'First Access' music lesson at 1:15pm. I wonder what instrument we will be learning about this week?




















It is our final class zoom call this afternoon laugh Please bring along any work you would like to share from 'World Book Week' or any other work you would like to share. 

Mental Arithmetic skills

Today, we would like you to complete the BBC Bitesize lesson on adding and subtracting in your head. This is a very important arithmetic skill to learn, and will help you with many aspects of your maths work.


Following this lesson, we would like you to complete mental arithmetic test 5, which you can find it the documents section below. 




Spelling- Prefixes

The first part of our lesson will involve you learning about prefixes. Work through the powerpoint below and complete the activities as you go along.

Reading Comprehension

For the second part of the lesson, we would like you to complete one of the 'World book day' comprehension sheets below. There are 3 levels; a practice one, a challenge one and finally an extra challenge. I am sure you can choose the one that is best suited to you.


Science - Classifying Vertebrates

L.O. To generate questions to use in a classification key.
To identify vertebrates by observing their similarities and differences. 

Today, I would like you to read through the attached Powerpoint called 'Classifying Vertebrates'. 

Once you have done this please complete both attached worksheets. There is also a document called 'Vertebrates photo sorting cards', which you will also need.   

When both sheets have been completd please send to Miss Kelly using Purplemash.


Spellings -March

Week beginning 1st March Remote Learning Documents

Christmas Play 2020

The children performed beautifully in their class scene for the Christmas play. We were very proud of them. We hope you enjoy looking through the photographs. 

Victorian Day

As an introduction to our new topic 'The Victorians', Year 4 took part in a Victorian Day where the children experienced life in a Victorian school. They learnt about how different a Victorian school was to the ones they know today and learnt all about the lessons, foods, jobs and punishments a Victorian child might have experienced. The day included gruel at break time, an inspection by the headmaster, a Victorian style lunch amongt many other activities and tasks.  

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