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Year 6 - Remote Learning

Good morning Year 6, we hope you have had a lovely half term and that you have managed to relax. During our last week of half term we had the lovely experience of the poetry afternoon. We felt so proud of all of the recitals. We look forward to making our own poetry book once we are back in school. We are delighted with all of your hard work and effort during these difficult times. Hopefully, we will all be back together in the classroom very soon. We are really looking forward to seeing you all this morning, during a zoom meeting, where we will have the opportunity to catch up about our week as well as some fun spelling activities.

Miss Roberts, Miss Kelly & Mr Roberts

Daily Essentials

Times Tables:  Continue learning up to 12x12 . if you are confident with all times tables up to 12 x 12 practise your cube numbers and cubed roots. You could even set yourself addition and subtraction questions using cubed numbers (like we do at the end of our x tables test in class!)


- Spellings:  New spellings were sent home during the last week of the Autumn term. Keep practising these and play some of the games using the following link below.


- Reading: try to read a range of genres and types of texts. Remember that you can access First News online which has a range of fantastic news stories and reports. Read aloud and to another person where possible.



Home Learning

This week, in English, we are going to be doing some more work on non chronological reports and creating our own. The focus in maths this week is algebra as well as revising the four number operations  There will be other lessons as well for you to complete. We hope you enjoy learning and try your best with your work. We are very proud of you all for your hard-working, determined attitudes. Only one more week to go until we are all back together!

A Zoom timetable for this week's zooms' can be found below.

Weekly Project

World Book Day

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day and our weekly project this week will focus on your favourite book, series of books or author.

Reading can be such a special and amazing part of our lives and we want you to share with the rest of our class all about your favourite book, author or series.

You could choose a selection of the following activities to complete.

  • An advert which convinces your friends that they should try your book, series or author.
  • A quiz about your favourite book, author or series for others to complete.
  • A book review of your favourite book (though maybe try to avoid any spoilers if you want to share it with the class!)
  • A piece of Art based upon a book or series.
  • You could record a reading or performance of a favourite part of a book.

Please share with us the work you complete via 2email on Purple Mash.






Day of the week:

Maths English Other subjects


Please remember that you are are able to send us work via 2email on Purple Mash even if the work is not set on Purple Mash. You can add a file or photo to the email message. 

Mental Starter

Complete the calculations below this table. Check your work with the answers sheet and correct any mistakes.


Today we will begin to look at algebra. We will start by looking at numbers and finding a rule. Watch the video, answering the questions as you go through. Then, answer the questions, with answers, below.






























Guided Reading

During our group zooms we will be looking at a text and answering questions about it.


Continue to learn your spellings. For three of your spellings, present them in a fun way:

-bubble writing

-in the shape of a rainbow

-a fun mnemonic for it

To plan the paragraph on appearance

In this lesson, students will discuss the relationship between a feature and its purpose. They will look at the features of a panda and then generate vocabulary and sentences to create a plan for the next lesson.




























Remind yourselves of: adjectives, verbs, prepositions, adverbs,pronouns and direct and reported speech. Try to write an example of each.

Complete the grammar activity below with answers.




































Mental starter

Complete the calculations with answers below.


Today we will look at 2 step calculations. Watch the video carefully remembering to have a go at the questions as you go along.


Then, answer the 2 step questions, with answers, below.


A spelling 2Do has been set on Purple mash.

To write the paragraph on appearance

In this lesson, we will use the plan to write a paragraph on the panda's appearance. You will watch a shared write to understand the expectations and to see examples of different types of sentences and punctuation that you could use in your own writing.



Can you write five metaphor sentences about a panda. Send them to me on Purple Mash.

Panda Activity

Create a diary for the panda at Edinburgh Zoo. Using the link below watch him, throughout the day, at different time intervals. Write down what he does. For example:

9am- still asleep on his back on a raised wooden platform.

10am- awake and eating lots of bamboo whilst leaning against the glass window.

You may wish to draw little pictures.

If you can’t see him on the web cam then assume that he is having outdoor activity.




We will go over some more percentages work during our zoom call this morning. Bring along some paper and a pencil.


Today we will look very carefully at number sentences and practise forming expressions. Watch the video carefully, answering all of the questions as you go through.

Then answer the questions, with answers, below.



If you have spare time, have a go at the challenges below linked to BODMAS.

To edit a paragraph of a non-chronological report

In this lesson, you will look at the importance of editing. You will then practise editing a pre-written paragraph with deliberate errors, before you complete an independent task of editing your writing so far.


If you have time, try to write five sentences about a panda that begin with an adjective like we practised on our zoom call.








Science - Adaptation

L.O. To demonstrate understanding of the scientific meaning of adaptation.

Today, I would like you to read through the attached Powerpoint. Once you have done this please complete the attached sheet called 'Adaptive Traits worksheets' and send to Miss Kelly using Purplemash. I have also attached the answers should you wish to check yourself. 


Remeber to join Mark's PE zoom class at 2:15 today.




Following on from this week's work on algebra, today's lesson is based upon substitution. Please watch the below video and complete the worksheet on the documents section below.  


To plan the paragraph on habitat and diet

In this lesson, students will use their notes from the research lesson to create a plan for their paragraphs on diet and habitat. They will use this plan in the next lesson to help with their writing.


There is also a Grammar and Punctuation sheet for you to complete over the next two days which we will go through in class next week.




World Book Day

As you know, today is World Book Day. we would like you to spend time today immersed in reading and doing different activities about books and authors. You may wish to reread parts of books that you have read before and loved. You may wish to spend time enjoying a new book that you haven't read before or continue reading a book that you have already started. 

If you haven't already, have a go at doing the activities on the weekly project or those that were suggested in the World Book Day email. You can find some other fun activities below.

Watch the video below from famous authors celebrating 'World Book Day'


Don't forget to enter our bookmark competition!




Today we have our usual two Maths Small group calls and our while class call. If you have any work to share please send it to Mr Roberts via 2email before the call. This call will also include a World Book Day Quiz. 







Please complete Spring Test 5 for today's maths. We also have our Maths zoom call today which will focus upon problem solving using number, time and algebra. 





To write the paragraph on habitat and diet

In this lesson, students will use their plans to write their paragraphs on diet and habitat. The children will look closely at a modelled write to understand the expectations and write sentences that they plan to use in these paragraphs.


A spelling 2DO has been set for you to compelte on Purple Mash. 





Documents for week beginning 1st March

Christmas Play 2020

Ancient Greece Topic Day

Year 6 had lots of fun on their topic day: tasting greek food, learning about greek myths and legends and creating stop motion animations about these myths. 

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