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Daily Essentials

Times Tables and Mental Maths -  Please practise your times tables and other mental maths skills using a preferred method. This could be using Hit the Button or Daily 10 (both of which can by found on the Useful Links page of this website) or any other method you prefer.

Square and Cube Numbers - A big part of Year 6 is being able to recall Square and Cube numbers up to 12 quickly and accurately. See how many you can learn by practising some each day.  (For Example: 22 = 2x2 = 4      53 = 5 x 5 x5 = 125)

Reading - Please read your school reading book every day. Should you finish it you could create a book review to tell other children about the book which you will have been the first child in school to read. 

Spelling - Please learn your school spellings which you will be tested on in school r. Below there is a document including the Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum words. Each day you could choose a few these words and make a poster, acrostic poem or other mnemonic device to help you to remember the spellings. Try to choose what you would consider the trickier words from the list.  

World Book Day 2022

As part of World Book Day, Year 6 visited Reception class to read to them.  

Year 6 Science Workshop -

We investigated how to generate electricity and the different forms it can take. However, instead of batteries we built circuits with potatoes! We found out about the chemical process of creating electricity and how and why this is possible with potatoes and fruits. 

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