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Year 6 Remote Learning

The below table will be updated each day with your new work to complete at home. Some Daily Essentials have been included below which you can complete for some time each day. Please share any work that you can with us or ask us any questions via 2Email on Purple Mash. 

Mrs Swan and Mr Roberts

Daily Essentials

Times Tables and Mental Maths -  Please practise your times tables and other mental maths skills using a preferred method. This could be using Hit the Button or Daily 10 (both of which can by found on the Useful Links page of this website) or any other method you prefer.

Square and Cube Numbers - A big part of Year 6 is being able to recall Square and Cube numbers up to 12 quickly and accurately. See how many you can learn by practising some each day.  (For Example: 22 = 2x2 = 4      53 = 5 x 5 x5 = 125)

Reading - Please continue to read your school reading book. Should you finish it you could create a book review to tell other children about the book which you will have been the first child in school to read. 

Spelling - Please learn your school spellings which you will be tested on in school (or at home) on Friday 8th October. Below there is a document including the Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum words. Each day you could choose a few these words and make a poster, acrostic poem or other mnemonic device to help you to remember the spellings. Try to choose what you would consider the trickier words from the list.  

Week Beginning 11th October

Day Maths English Other Subjects




Angles in Triangles

Today's Maths is focused upon Angles within triangles. Please watch the below video and then complete the worksheet below. 



For today's Engllish we are going to focus on a new poem. Please read through the PowerPoint titled 'Monday Poetry' in the documents section below and complete the tasks through the PowerPoint. 


Today we are going to be beginning our recycled Art project. We will be beginning to sketch your favourite design from the ideas we sketched in school  onto a piece of large paper or card (if this is possible) using pencil or any other resources you have to begin the outline of your work.

Whilst doing this, you will need to consider the materials you will use to complete your work next week to finish your collage. 

The examples we looked at in school are in the documents section below to help you. 





Angles in quadrilaterals 

Today we are learning about the internal angles of quadrilaterals. Please watch the video below and complete the worksheet in the documents section.



If you are feeling confient, try the extra challenge in the documents section. 


We are continuing with our work on poetry today. Please click on the powerpoint in the documents section and work through the activities. 



We are working on adding suffixes to words ending in -fer this week. Click on the powerpoint in the documents section and complete the activity sheet. 


This week we are investigating what happens to a circuit when we change the components. Click on the link below, watch the video and complete the activities. 






Angles in regular polygons


Today we are learning about angles in regular polygons. Please watch the video below and complete the worksheet in the documents section. 



If you are feeling confident, try the extra challenge in the documents section. 



Reading Comprehension

Please complete the reading comprehension in the documents section below. The answers are at the end of the  document for you to check. 








Your task this week is to talk and write about your family. To support your work, please follow this link:


On the link above, look at the ‘How to say ‘I have’ in French’ section and scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the ‘Talking about your family in French’ section.

Practise talking about your family members. Then, write about your family members. In the documents section below you will find a blank sheet for you to write about your family and there is also an example to support you with your written work. You can also include a picture or photograph of your family too.



In our last session, we introduced our school value for the month (resilience). 

What can you remember about the meaning of the word  'resilience'? How have you shown resilience this week? 

In the documents section, you will find the document 'resilience scenario and questions'. Read through the story about Arthur's football match and answer the questions that follow. What could Arthur do differently in future? 




Nets of 3D Shapes

Today's Maths lesson is focused upon Nets of 3D shapes. The worksheet for the lesson can be found in the document section below.




Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Please complete the  SPAG worksheets below which focus upon key features of spelling, grammar and punctuation which we cover in Year 6. 


Today I would like you to work through our Code Studio course. 

Use our class login (LDTJQC) and then login to your username using your picture password. Please work for about an hour through the lessons. 



Problem Solving

Today’s maths is a problem solving activity based upon some of the work we have covered this week. Please complete the tasks showing appropriate working out for the question and ensuring you provide answers to all questions.

A 2Do has also been set on Purple Mash for you to complete titled ‘Angles in Triangles’.

Please complete the 'Conversations' worksheet below about punctuating dialogue effectively. 

A 2Do has been set for you on Purple Mash based upon synonyms and antonyms for you to complete.


As we come to the end of our Resourceful World topic, could you create a piece of work which shares with others what they can do to be a responsible citizen in helping us to look after our world. 



We have set a series of Home Learning tasks for you to complete on iMoves. The class login has been sent home via email for you to use.

If you have a basketball or similar ball at home, you can continue to practise your dribbling skills if you have the space ready for us to try some games in school next week.




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